The worst feeling in the world.

To me, it’s knowing the potential of something, but not being able to reach it because of reasons that are in my control.

For example:

  • The potential for me to get straight A*s but not achieving it because of procrastination.
  • The potential for a friendship to blossom but not reaching there because of my social anxiety.
  • The potential for my business to grow at a faster rate but it didn’t because of my fear of failure.

This to me, is the worst feeling in the world. Knowing I’m good enough but being too afraid or lazy or lame to achieve something.

And every time I get that sudden ‘realization’ that this is happening again, I get a surge of energy to change things, get moving and be productive. But it never lasts. Eventually, I fall back to my old habits.

I guess this is all I can share for now.

I just feel like shit sometimes, and that’s okay. (I hope)


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