Be Solution-Oriented.

It is easy to talk, to beat around the bush, to rant about something for hours, to complain and to waste time.

It is easy to gossip, spread rumors, to care about unimportant details, and to stick your nose in other people’s lives.

It gives you a sense of belonging. A small and short burst of energy, that makes you feel like you connect with people. It’s a high. It’s an addiction. It’s a waste of your time.

A lot of people spend their time caring too much about things that don’t help them grow. Things that eat their time and energy. Things that would be just fine if it were left alone.

These behaviors should not be encouraged. They don’t reflect happiness, or joy, or gratitude. They mess with the calm and peaceful energy one should obtain.

To be a wise person is to be solution oriented. To be solution oriented is to set a goal, and to communicate that goal to others.

To be solution oriented is to save time, energy and money. To be solution oriented is to be efficient.

Instead of blaming, whining, complaining and feeling down, set a goal.

Figure out what’s the target, why are you spending X amount of time talking about Y to Mr. Z? What is your point? What impact are you trying to make? What do you hope to gain?

Do you want to ask for suggestions? Do you want to just be heard? Do you want to convey a message? Do you want to ask for help? What’s the point?

Always find out what outcome you are hoping to achieve out of the actions that you take.

This way, you will be more efficient and wholesome.

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