The Start of Something New

high school musical vibes right there

To be honest, I’m still quite clueless as to how this blog will turn out (hopefully greatly), and I’m still learning how to do all this on my own, but you gotta start somewhere right?


welcome to my journey

off the top of my head, these are a few things I need to figure out first thing tomorrow morning:

  1. find out the quickest way to access photos from my phone on my laptop
  2. come up with a great site title, slogan and logo
  3. start stocking on photos!
  4. try my best to keep my mouth shut about this
  5. find some good music to do all of this to!

I may or may not delete this post, the main idea of this site is to store all of my ideas, creations, thoughts and pretty much anything I produce!

What’s important now is that I stay disciplined and keep making progress.

I really really really want this to work out, so I’m going to try and sleep, since I’ve literally only had 4 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours; i tend to get overexcited over some of my ideas and can’t stop thinking about it no matter how hard i try . Once I had one of my million-dollar-idea moments and stayed awake for three days straight planning the whole thing out – later to find out it already existed. But never mind that, it’s the drive that matters right?

Lastly, I need to keep reminding myself that I’m doing this for myself, not for anyone else. That I started this site to simply archive and document everything that I’m passionate about. So if you find yourself scrolling through my blog and find that we share the same interests, you are very much welcome to join me on this fun and creative journey! Perhaps, we can inspire each other!

So cheers to a fresh start, HERE WE GOOO!


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